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New Rowan Coupland album ‘Slow Wave of the Future’

Rowan Coupland has self-released a new album titled Slow Wave of the Future.

You can preview it above and buy it from his Bandcamp page.

In his own words:

“SLOW WAVE OF THE FUTURE fell into place over a 6 month rootfinding expedition to the suburbs, forests and islands of British Columbia. A spiritual odyssey fought on bicycles, transit without a ticket, the backs of pest extermination trucks, voyages shared with washed-up sherpas, the first ever sights of whales in the company of elderly Sikh gentlemen, and Christmases spent on boats surrounded by fluorescent jellyfish. With songs charting the movement from Europe to Vancouver and back again, the album is fragments of sounds, friends, songs and precipitation all recorded and glooped into one. These are songs of a loss of nationality, of love and family, and of a return found in leaving.”

Aside from found sounds and field recordings, all playing of instruments and all lyrics were by Rowan Coupland, except for track 9, which is an American traditional, (version: Cass Wallin) based on an English ballad.