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David Thomas Broughton + more at the Rose Hill, Brighton on Wednesday 15th November, 2017

Tickets £8  | Facebook EventSongkick Event | Maps & Directions

DTB will be joined by SPECIAL GUEST COLLABORATORS at this show. Details nearer the time!


“Broughton’s live shows are miniature spectacles… He layers sounds in slightly haphazard ways, as though his songs weren’t so holy that he couldn’t subject them to chance” – Pitchfork

“The most brilliant and baffling show I’m likely to see this year.” – Timeout NY

“Straddling the line between music hall turn and avant-garde performance artist, Broughton’s live show is not to be missed.” – MOJO magazine


Live performances are sometimes unsettling, and feel at risk of everything falling apart. Somehow David remains in control. Since David’s first few shows in his native Yorkshire in the early 2000s, he has performed at numerous festivals, toured extensively across the UK, Europe, USA and played a handful of shows in Japan, Korea and China.

His organic approach to loops include all glitches and mistakes… building pieces to let them destroy themselves, before swiftly moving into the next. On the face of it, a performance of sad self-deprecating songs and extended ‘sonic strangeness’ pondering the awkwardness of the human condition through the trial of love and loss. For those with patience it can reward with great moments of beauty, and sometimes comedic delight.


“David Thomas Broughton’s debut ought to catapult him somewhere near the head of the bearded class” – Pitchfork


Over 10 years since his critically acclaimed 2004 debut The Complete Guide to Insufficency, which garnered an 8.4 review on Pitchfork, David has continued to produce records which delightfully interweave layers of beauty and discomfort.

Releases include numerous solo home-recorded works and collaborative work with jazz-folk chamber quartet 7Hertz, producer Andy Ramsey (Stereolab), classical vocal trio Juice, and a number of guests on his latest ‘magnum opus’ Crippling Lack.