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Laish – Self titled debut album

WILLKOMMEN009. Released November 15th, 2010

1. Song on a Transition
2. We Speak The Mantra
3. In The Morning
4. Warmth and Humility
5. To Do
6. The Love Written Down
7. Pity No More
8. Anymore
9. A Happy Accident


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CD edition SOLD OUT

  • “This is real, beautiful, honest, gracious and just plain wonderful music.” 9/10 – The Blue Walrus
  • “Very special indeed” – Whisperinandhollerin 8/10
  • “Beguiling songs of love and fasting” – Mojo Magazine
  • “Danny Green clearly wins at harmony arranging. He is worthy of some kind of harmonic rosette” – Bearded Magazine
  • “Laish require attention” Onda Rock 8/10
  • “Daniel Green has the kind of voice that can melt butter.” – Sounds XP
  • “Spell-binding music” – Never Enough Notes
  • “An affecting and irresistible blend of the melancholic and the pretty.” –Suitcase Orchestra
  • “There is little on the record to dislike” – Bowlegs
  • “An impressive and beguiling record” – Epigram Bristol
  • “You would hope that the deserved acclaim will soon come knocking for this talented few” – Subba Culture
  • “A modest but quietly stunning affair that deserves to make this hard touring band a national treasure” – Southcoasting
  • “It’s clear from the band’s sound that they are aiming to do something different with the genre, twisting harmonies and song structure into something their own” Muso’s Guide

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