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Sons of Noel and Adrian – Sons of Noel and Adrian

“Avoiding the pitfalls of excessive knob-twiddling, the Brighton collective’s dense live sound is excellently captured on record, conflicting harmonies crashing together like waves against a rocky shore, whilst delicate, reedy vocals skim the surface like a careless hand breaking the surface of a bottomless lake.

It’s predominantly string based – guitars, cellos, violas and violins dart around each other like jostling, shimmering creatures of the deep – while drums, whistles, pianos and glockenspiels (plus a host of other instruments I hesitate to even attempt to name) gently intertwine themselves around the layered male / female vocals, before subtly vanishing like a secret lover sneaking into the grey light of dawn.” –

Track listing: Indigo, Kernow, Damien. Lessons From What’s Poor, Cave, Ragwort, Divorce, Violent Violet, The Wreck Is Not A Boat, Inside Olympia

Released 2nd June 2008.


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