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Sons of Noel and Adrian – Rivers

Released January 11th, 2010

1. Black Side of the River
2. Big, Bad, Bold
3. Leaving Mary’s Hand


CD & 7″ editions both SOLD OUT

The Rivers EP is a collection of dark songs that explore three very differing concepts through a single shared metaphor, which occurred to songwriter Jacob Richardson after spending “three gruelling days in the hottest sun fishing with Jack on the wrong side of the river”. Opener and live favourite Black Side of the River came directly from this experience. The theme is continued through the powerful second track Big, Bad, Bold, which explores the concept of “the inner strength of a woman”, finally Leaving Mary’s Hand brings the EP to a close as Richardson contemplates “a state of love and trust”. Rivers is available on 7” vinyl, digital and limited edition CD typeset and pressed by hand by Brighton based letterpress and book artist Anna Fewster.

The Independent

“Their set is the highlight of the night, with sombre chants such as “Indigo” and “The Wreck is Not a Boat” becoming stirring chorales… The Sons have an enviable breadth of sonic possibilities… their self-titled debut album is well worth a listen.”

Drowned in Sound

“Each inspirational, frequently brooding composition speaks in intricate tongues of simpler times, evocative instrumental breakdowns speaking the words the lips cannot. An intensely vivid journey into a discordantly beautiful world, *Sons Of Noel And Adrian *have liberated themselves from the constraints of society’s sonic status quo, and in doing so, have created something truly inspirational.”


“An astounding, intense performance of ‘Indigo’ by Sons Of Noel And Adrian sends the adoring audience into raptures… Sons rip the heart out of traditionalism and wash it down with cider”

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