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Sons of Noel and Adrian – Your Tunnel That Connects My Arm To A God-Fearing Woman Who Lives In The Dark

WILLKOMMEN015 | Released 8th April 2012 | Buy

Your Tunnel That Connects My Arm To A God-Fearing Woman Who Lives In The Dark is a collection of songs recorded in between the release of SONAA’s self-titled debut and the sophomore album, Knots. It includes unreleased exclusives, collaborations, covers and more but is far from a thrown together odds ‘n’ ends compilation – carefully curated, it chronologically charts the exhilarating path from the acoustic darkness of the first album to the electric experimentation of the second.

Sons of Noel and Adrian - Your Tunnel

1. 30 Boys With Bats
2. Beverly
3. What Work Could Do For You (featuring Kristin McClement)
4. Go Jo Jee
5. Ruby Isan’s
6. Elsa’s House
7. Save It For Someone Who Cares (The Leisure Society cover featuring Andrew Jarvis and Tiffany Bryant)
8. Black Side of the River (Rivers EP version)
9. Big Bad Bold (Rivers EP version)
10. Leaving Mary’s Hand (Rivers EP version)
11. Rise

Now available worldwide via iTunes here.

30 Boys With Bats was originally released on the Willkommen Collective Volume I compilation. Like Beverly, it was written and recorded not long after the debut self-titled album. Beverly was never released but it was in the live set for a long time whilst 30 Boys has never been played live.

What Work Could Do For You is also unreleased – it was discovered on a hard drive more or less fully formed when we started demoing tracks for the second album. It features the voice of Kristin McClement. The next three tracks – Go Jo Jee, Ruby Isan’s and Elsa’s House – made up The Wreck Is Not A Boat EP which also included a radio edit of the track of the same name. It was released on Shelsmusic and we handmade a very limited run printed on tracing paper to sell on tour. The artwork for this compilation is a revival of that design. Ruby was the result of a collaboration with Isan – they sent us stems of one of their tracks and this was constructed around it.

Save It For Someone Who Cares is a cover of a song by The Leisure Society. It was originally recorded for Willkommen Covers The Sleeper, on which different artists from the collective covered each song from The Leisure Society’s debut. It came free when you bought that album from Rough Trade. This song features guest vocals by Tiffany Bryant and drums by Andrew Jarvis.

Black Side of the River, Big Bad Bold and Leaving Mary’s Hand were previously released as the Rivers EP which featured a hand letterpressed sleeve by Anna Fewster. Very different versions of these three songs were recorded for our second album, Knots. Rise is the only track on here that was recorded in a studio rather than at home. It was a track from the Knots sessions that we decided did not fit with the rest of the album, so we gave it to One Inch Badge Records for their compilation Sea Monsters Volume 2. There are three other songs from these sessions that may see the light of day at some point too.

All tracks engineered and mixed by various Sons in various houses except Rise which was engineered and mixed by Ben Hampson and assisted by Joe Pickering at Brighton Electric. This complilation was mastered by Anders Peterson for GS Mastering & Post, Stockholm.

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