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The Climbers – The Good Ship


Released May 31st, 2010

  1. Bookshop Folk
  2. Anything
  3. The Good Ship
  4. In A Circle
  5. I Will Never
  6. Something Good (This Way Comes)
  7. I Keep Falling
  8. Uncommon
  9. From Now On
  10. The Fellowship
  11. If There’s Anyone

CD edition SOLD OUT

Features two dozen musicians from the renowned Willkommen Collective. The Climbers are the Department of Eagles to The Leisure Society’s Grizzly Bear – five years in gestation, the studio project began before songwriter Tim West got Nick Hemming and Christian Hardy together to form the band that became The Leisure Society. West plays a role like Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew or the early Brian Eno, writing beautiful songs then giving them to a vast cast of friends who have free reign to make their mark on them. Even lead vocals are shared by a handful of gifted collaborators, and often shared by the whole band.

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