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Willkommen Collective Volume 1

A taster of fourteen diverse projects from the collective, beautifully packaged and available at a very low price. The compilation includes exclusive tracks from the more well known bands in the collective along with the best of the lesser known bands.

CD edition SOLD OUT
  1. Moonshine Moonshine – “Violet”
  2. Laish Quartet – “In The Morning”
  3. Sons Of Noel & Adrian – “30 Days With Bats”
  4. Shoreline – “Jubeltane”
  5. Kristin McClement – “Planks”
  6. Hamilton Yarns – “Search For The Underwater Town”
  7. The Miserable Rich – “The Knife Thrower’s Hand”
  8. Redwood Red – “In A Green World”
  9. Christian Silva – “88 Key Alphabet”
  10. Atlas Crease – “Four Corners”
  11. Kopek – “The Way You Are”
  12. Rowan Coupland – “Memories Of The Summer Of 2003”
  13. The Leisure Society – “Pancake Day”
  14. The Climbers – “Bookshop Folk”

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