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Posts Tagged ‘remix’

Emma Gatrill remix EP

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

We’ll be releasing six fantastic remixes of the title track to Emma Gatrill’s album Cocoon very soon. The first one is coming out in the next few days. We’re keeping the artists involved secret for now but you can follow Emma on Spotify to hear it first. In the meantime, we’ve released the stems for the track so you can download them and make your own remix! Have fun with them and make sure you contact us so we can hear what you’ve made.

More free music from Eyes & No Eyes

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Eyes & No Eyes have released two more free tracks, following a storming set to a packed out tent at End Of The Road Festival.

Check their Bandcamp page for a remix of ‘If No One Else Saw It’ by band members Marcus Hamblett (also of Sons of Noel and Adrian and more) and a remix of ‘Flying Machine’ by Richard Knox (of GlissandoThe Rustle of the Stars and more).

Both the remixes and the original tracks are all available FOR FREE.

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