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The Leisure Society play free show in Brighton followed by a Willkommen gig just five minutes away

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

At 6pm today The Leisure Society a performing a free set at the beautiful Resident Records, Kensington Gardens, Brighton. Copies of the debut album will be available along with a free Willkommen Records sampler.

After that we’ll all be heading from Resident to The Albert up the road, where Willkommen Records are hosting Eric Chenaux (excellent folk innovator on Constellation Records) with Curly Hair (members of Laish Quartet playing lo-fi perfect pop) and Redwood Red (Cathy Cardin, female vocalist of Sons of Noel and Adrian, plays her solo material live for the first time).

Both shows are set to be fantastic, no tickets required for The Leisure Society, still some e-tickets available for Eric Chenaux here or buy at Resident or on the door.

Willkommen night tomorrow with Cath & Phil Tyler, Mary Hampton and Laish Quartet

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Don’t forget to come on down to the Sanctuary Café in Hove for the spellbinding Cath & Phil Tyler, the legendary Mary Hampton and the swashbuckling Laish Quartet. There are a very small number of tickets left at here and there should be a few left at Resident, otherwise arrive early.

Also we have another Willkommen gig next week at the Albert: with the warped country tunes of Constellation’s finest Eric Chenaux all the way from Canada, Curly Hair’s perfect pop songs (catchier than herpes) and the live debut of Cathy from Sons of Noel and Adrian’s beautifully engaging solo project Redwood Red. Tickets still available here.

Upcoming Willkommen nights: The Leisure Society, Shoreline, James Blackshaw, Cath and Phil Tyler, Mary Hampton, Trembling Bells and more in Brighton

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

The next four  Willkommen nights are all confirmed and we’ve added a dedicated page to this site to help you keep track of our monthly live shows in Brighton

January 24th: The Leisure Society + Shoreline @ Komedia Studio Bar 
Facebook event | event

February 7th: James Blackshaw + Hamilton Yarns @ The Westhill Hall
Facebook event | event

March 21st:  Cath and Phil Tyler, Mary Hampton, The Horse Loom, Laish Quartet @ Sanctuary Café
Facebook event | event

April 10th: The Trembling Bells, Hamilton Yarns, Redwood Red at Sanctuary Cella @ Sanctuary Café
Facebook event | event

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