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New Willkommen release: Volume 1, a fourteen track compilation

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Lovingly compiled and packaged, Willkommen Collective: Volume 1 is a broad cross section of the many faces of the Willkommen Collective. The fourteen tracks include exclusives from our more well known acts (The Leisure Society, Sons of Noel and Adrian etc.) as well as the wonderful selections from our lesser known bands, all in beautiful silkscreened card digipacks for a very low price. The CD is available in shops now as well as directly from us.

Union Chapel tonight!

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Everyone involved in The Leisure Society, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Shoreline, Laish, The Miserable Rich and Kopek is unbelievably excited about tonight’s show at the Union Chapel. This is just a last minute reminder: you can still buy tickets here or there will be some on the door. It’s going to be very memorable.

Sons of Noel and Adrian perform live film score this Saturday at the legendary Roundhouse

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The day after our Union Chapel show this Friday, the Willkommen fun continues as Sons of Noel and Adrian collaborate with Kopek to perform a live soundtrack to the 1928 silent Surrealist classic La Coquille et le clergyman.
The event is called Think in Oceans and also sees the exciting new project from Caroline Weeks and friends The Collectress perform to Sergei Parajanov’s masterpiece, The Colour of Pomegranates. The organiser Ben Pritchard writes:

“It was the Edwardian hero Admiral Jackie Fisher who exhorted his audience to ‘Think in Oceans’. Whilst this inclination may have served to sharpen his tools, it is a message which also inspired some of the greatest worldly discovers, and now lends itself to a silent film night taking in the wonders of Armenian culture and sexually driven members of the clergy. Ticking the boxes?”

Think in Oceans takes place this Saturday (13 June) at the Roundhouse.  More details and tickets here.

Free Willkommen compilation: Sons of Noel and Adrian, Shoreline, The Miserable Rich, The Great Park and many more

Monday, January 19th, 2009

We had a few technical hitches with our mailing list and it seems a few people didn’t successfully receive the link to download our free Christmas covers compilation, so here it is again, available to download for a limited time only:

The compilation features Shoreline covers Sons of Noel and Adrian, Sons of Noel and Adrian reworking The Miserable Rich, Redwood Red covering Sons, Curly Hair covering Laish, Stray Airmail (Alistair Strachan and Mary Hampton) covering Shoreline, Atlas Crease covering The Miserable Rich, Rowan Coupland covering Shoreline, Laish covering Moonshine Moonshine and The Great Park covering Sons and vice verse. It’s a great listen!

You can also stream or download individual tracks from

Free Christmas covers compilation featuring Shoreline, The Miserable Rich, The Leisure Society, Sons of Noel and Adrian and more

Friday, December 19th, 2008

This Christmas we’ll be sending out a free Christmas download album to everyone on our mailing list. Just join the list using the form to your right to get your free album. Thank you to the five hundred people who’ve already signed up in our first month.

The album is set to include all these exciting tracks, plus a few last minute surprises:

Atlas CreasePisshead (Miserable Rich cover)
Laish She Needs Me (Moonshine~Moonshine cover)
Curly Hair Love Written Down (Laish cover)
ShorelineThe Wreck is Not a Boat (Sons of Noel and Adrian cover)
The Great ParkThe Wreck is Not a Boat (Sons of Noel and Adrian cover feat. Kristen McClement and Birdengine)
Sons of Noel and Adrian I Do Wrong (The Great Park cover)
KopekIndigo (Sons of Noel and Adrian cover)
Sons of Noel and AdrianBoat Song (Miserable Rich cover)
Redwood RedCave (Sons of Noel and Adrian cover)
Stray Airmail Jubeltane (Shoreline cover)
Rowan Coupland – (Shoreline cover TBC)
The Leisure Society – (Shoreline cover TBC)

All that for free?! You best join up >>>

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